From 01/09 – 01/10, SC VivoCity organise Moon Cake Fair with the participation of Đại Phát, Grand Castella VietNam, LàVè Gourmet, D’Art Chocolate, KitKat, Easy Diet, Dream Wagon, Kids Zone.

LàVè Gourmet pleased to present the Moon Cake Collection 2020 named "Celebration of the Moon Reunion":

"Celebration of the Moon Reunion" With the purpose of honoring the traditional cultural values   of each Vietnamese's subconscious mind about the mid-autumn festival with family, together with keep the whole moon flavor in each cake, exchanging full wishes, bring joy and warmth to loved ones.

The collection with 03 product lines show the meaning of family reunion including:

Nguyệt An Nhiên: 350,000 vnđ - Hộp 2 bánh 150gr

Nguyệt Như Ý: 580,000 vnđ - Hộp 4 bánh 150gr

Nguyệt Đoàn Viên: 870,000 vnđ - Hộp 6 bánh 150gr

Gift brand LàVè Gourmet is the crystallization of a folk cultural value, an artistic talent and a taste with full of sharing. LàVè Gourmet understand that, for every box of moon cakes you give, it's a cherished grace!

D’art Chocolate

Indulge in an assortment of unique mooncakes from D’Art Chocolate with a delightful twist of flavor. Every mooncake has been crafted to symbolize a prosperous life, providing an opportunity to spend precious time together with your loved ones.

“Moonlight Reunion” collection features 4 distinct mooncakes, each paired with a unique hand-brewed tea from Hemily’s, and our special meat mooncake – this premium collection will be a stand-out gift for your company and business partners.

By illustrating the reunion of Jade Rabbits family in the full moon night, the “Jade Moon” collection of D’Art Chocolate Mooncakes wishes to bring happiness, fortune and prosperity to our dear customers.

Đại Phát - Dai Phat Food's Ceremony Box (Le hop Dai Phat) is rich in variety, has become one of the main products in Vietnam, keeping the stability of brand position to be more and more develop widely.

This year, Dai Phat invests new designs for packaging, such as "Như Ý Cát Tường" (“lucky” meaning) of the Ceremony box - line 2 (Le hop Hao hang), line 6 (Le hop Cao cap), line 8 (Le hop Hoang kim). There are also others ceremony box imbued the Vietnamese traditional culture, such as: Le hop Trong Dong, Le hop Cung Dinh, Le hop Minh Long…

In Dai Phat, you also find other types of cakes such as Mooncakes with Mixed Grilled Meat Fish, Salted Egg Yolks, Snow Skin Mooncake...


Enhance your mid-autumn moments with an EXTREMELY SPECIAL DEALS from our EXCITING SERIES OF PREMIUM & SIGNATURE MOONCAKE that are beyond delicious with 4 meticulously selected finest ingredients:

- Sprinkled with edible gold dust 

- Filled with saffron – the world’s most expensive spice from Dubai

- Enrobed in super healthy organic vegetable flour.

- A low-gluten with sweet flavours from natural ingredients.

- 01 – 04 boxes: 50.000đ voucher gift
- 05 – 09 boxes: 10% discount of your bill
- 10 boxes: 15% discount of your bill OR 
01 free mooncake box in the same product line.

Dream Wagon - Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Pokémon

Pokémon products are selling first at Dream Wagon at Moon Cake Fair. Pikachu soft toy with many sizes.

• Soft toy with Pokémon starter Zenigame, Fushigidane, Hitokage.

• New Pokémon products: Eevee, Kabigon and Purin.

• Pokémon Combo Stationery (Pen, Ruler, Pencase, Notebook…)


• Pokémon candy figure Eikodo version 3 in the newest Pokémon anime series. Candy manufactured according.

to Japanese technology and quality.

• Series of model rement toys imported directly from Japan.

• Wan Wan White dog super lovely. The character has caused a “fever” on Japan and Vietnam’s Television.

And other Pokémon attractive products. Limited quantity!


Come to KitKat Booth at Moon Cake Fair to join many interesting acitivities: sampling, mini game, promotion when purchasing products at booth.

KidsZone: Colorful Mid-Autumn

Back to childhood with KidsZone in the world of colorful lanterns.

Come to SC VivoCity and choose many delicious moon cakes in this Mid-Autumn. 

See more activities in MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL at here.