Mid-Autumn Festival, WARM UNION
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Fashion & Beauty | 09/09/2022 - 19/09/2022

Mid-Autumn Festival, WARM UNION

Welcoming another loving moon season, Diamond World sends special #Sweet Offers to help you and your family enjoy the brilliant "Mid-Aumtumn" when wearing beautiful page designs. class, elegance. Let's give Diamond World the best for yourself and your loved ones on this occasion!

- Special jewelry up to 26% off
- Jewelry / Jewelry drive 15% off. Extra 3% off from the 2nd product
- 8% off chain
- Popular KCV: Under 4.5ly, 5% discount. From 4.5ly and above, 4% off
- KCV LUCKY STAR: 5% off
- Loyal customers: Extra 1% off
Gift 01 Binh An card covered with gold for customers who buy goods to pay the total bill of 50 million or more