As part of the series of events "EXPERIENCE LETS OUT - EXTREMELY HAPPY IN THIS SUMMER", Green Market is the place to connect you with green - clean - environmentally friendly products. Green Market was held from April 29 to May 3 at Event Hall - 1st Floor SC VivoCity with the participation of stores:, ecostore, Grove Fresh, EQUO, Bliss, Hakubaku, Himalaya, PHYSALISVN, Stone Hill, The Blooming Rock, TuanVo Florist and Son Trang Coffee.

Many attractive promotions are applied during the event, invite your whole family to visit and choose the right products at a reasonable cost!

Let's enjoy super delicious coffees and receive many attractive gifts on the holiday from April 29, 2022 to the end of May 3, 2022 with PROMOTIONS
HOT Deal: 9K - 15K.
Up to 30% off for drink menu
Premium gifts for bill from 350K and 850K

Launching the Green Fair event, #ecostore sends to green followers a PROMOTION to bring all of nature home:
-Give away 01 set of tote bags and loofah dishwashing pads for bills from 300k
-Bills from 500k receive a gift 01 multi-purpose cleaner for sensitive skin VALUE 150k
- 25% off when buying directly at SC VivoCity

Bliss Pop-up store ice cream will be available at SC Vivo City on this holiday from April 29 to May 3. Hurry up and visit now to enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors with attractive promotions:
- Buy 2 ice cream get 1 free
- Take a photo to check-in and receive an offer to buy 3 boxes and get 1 free Caramel Biscoff - limited edition

EQUO is a brand that provides eco-friendly products to replace single-use plastic. EQUO's products are made from natural materials, do not pollute the environment, do not use toxic substances and are able to completely decompose within 6 months such as: rice straws, grass straws, coconut straws, bagasse and coffee grounds straws, bagasse knife - spoon - fork bagasse, coffee grounds, wood, food containers, glasses, bowls made from bagasse; sprout pencils, cloth bags, etc. EQUO always wants to spread the message “Small solution. Big impact” - hope that replacing small daily products with natural materials will bring positive impacts to the environment, as well as contribute to the development of green industry in Vietnam. and many other countries.

From April 29 to May 3, 2022, Grove Fresh #Give away 1 pair of Grapefruit FIVE YEARS ROI for customers with a shopping bill at Grove Fresh from 300,000 VND or more.
-Juice only 29,000/250ml
- Rockit apple tube 3 S64 fruit only 72,000 VND/tube
- Grapefruit green skin 29,000 VND/kg
- Hoa Loc mango 39,000 VND/kg
-HARRYS chrysanthemum bread 500gr 119,000 VND/cake

Accompanying with Event Green Fair, #Hakubaku offers customers OFFER to upgrade meal quality:
-Random gift including 01 rattan basket, eat-clean manual & DIY calendar or 01 lunch box bag, eat-clean manual & DIY calendar when buying any 2 packages of any nutritional seeds
-Get 01 Water purifier at Torayvino faucet VALUE 1,480,000 VND for bill from 1 million VND
- 25% discount when buying directly at the event.

Super deals with Himalaya
Scented candles and genuine essential oils up to 20% off
-Buy 3 Get 1 Free => a total of up to 4 scented candle products
- Chance to win hundreds of attractive gifts
-Own all products from #Himalaya with 10% OFF

PHYSALISVN brings gifts for health with very attractive offer "BUY 3 GET 1 FREE"
Applied to the products of Squeezed Mangosteen Juice, Dried Mangosteen Jam, and Mangosteen Jam.

Stone Hill 50% OFF ALL pure cocoa powder products

The Blooming Rock - a beautiful little tree shop in Saigon. Products of The Blooming Rock include: succulents, cacti, furniture plants, decorations, “Gift Set”, “Succulent Box” gift sets for DIY-loving customers, Starbucks cups that are eco-friendly Environmental & reusable. A few offers of The Blooming Rock at the event:
• Pots that combine many special plants and "Succulent Box" - Combo of many succulents for those of you who like to DIY, grow your own plants.
• Invoices over 200k, receive secret gifts from the Organizing Committee.
• Check-in public and tag The Blooming Rock at the booth to receive an attractive discount voucher.
• Bring/Reuse your own packaging (such as tote bags, paper bags, etc.) for a 2% discount on total bill.
• Exchange old clothes for the elderly + dry food items for donation - charity events to receive DISCOUNT VOUCHER and FREE PLANT.

Up to 20% discount program applied at TuanVo Florist booth from April 29 to May 3