Many activities will be organised from 01/09 - 01/10, bring the interesting and useful playground for kids, and many attrative gifts for your family in this Mid-Autumn. Save the schedule as below and come to SC VivoCity to enjoy!

  • DIỆN ĐỒ SẮC ĐỎ - CƠ HỘI NHẬN QUÀ: Welcome Independence Day 02/09, SC VivoCity will give 100 special gifts for 100 luckiest customers when shopping at SC VivoCity with red dresscode in the time slot of 18h30 - 20h30 on 02/09. Gifts will be presented by our cute mascot.
  • SIÊU TỐC ĐỘ NHÍ: From 18h30 – 20h30 every Saturday from 05/09 - 26/09, let's join the racing competion on cute shrug-animals! The winners of each competition will be received special gifts from SC VivoCity
  • KHÉO TAY HAY LÀM: From 18h30 – 20h30 every Sunday from 06/09 - 27/09, SC VivoCity will prepare painting color, paint brush, statues, Kids will make our statues be more colorful.
  • “THANK YOU” DAYS: To say "THANKS" to all customers who always believed and companion with SC VivoCity through past 5 years, from 18h30 - 20h30 in 05 days from 16/09 – 20/09, everyday, SC VivoCity will give 100 special gifts for 100 luckies customers when shopping at SC VivoCity
  • ĐÊM HỘI TRĂNG RẰM: A colorful night-event on 01/10 with many interactive games, a lantern parade and many special gifts will be presented to kids. Take your kids to SC VivoCity to save the best memories in this Mid-Autumn Festival with SC VivoCity.

See more activities in MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL at here.

See you at SC VivoCity!