Along with the constant development of technology, modern day parents have more and more choices for healthy entertaining games for their kids. At YoloKids, games are designed to make the most of advanced technology, but at the same time ensure the optimum combination of entertainment and education. One of the newest technology-integrated games at YoloKids is the Magic Book: Interactive eBooks of unique interactive games that stimulate the development of thinking process and creativity in children!

MagicBook includes interactive toy sets, designed to unlock the unlimited learning ability and creativity of young children. The MagicBook game is a combination of physical toys and technology applications on smart devices that allow children to interact actively within the toy set. With games such as puzzle-based instruction, drawing or coloring, Magic Book ensures to give your child's exciting time, when they can "Learn while playing!" without ever being bored!
MagicBook connects the whole family, bringing creative moments of fun and laughters among the members. As a toy product of the new generation, MagicBook helps develop and improve the intellectual capacity of children from 4 years old and up.
Come and experience Magic Book at YoloKids today!