To meet the shopping needs of customers in the last days of the year, SC VivoCity organizes Tet Fair with the participation of brands: Farmer's Market, KidsZone, Ikachi, Beera, Deluxnuts, PinkSun, Mom & Baby, Rabity, Lock & Lock, Frico, Pierre Cardin, Baa, Dream Wagon and NIN.

Thousands of items for sale at the best prices from 11/01 – 31/01/2021.

Baa – Sale up to 70%, only from 59k for all items

Welcome Tet 2021 with your kids and enjoy many promotions at PinkSun

For all of parents, the atmosphere in spring days will be so full when dressing up their beloved children in ao dai bearing the breath of the New Year reunion. Especially, at Tet Market, Rabity offer many interesting promotions.

Beera – The true honey store, discount 10% for many items

Sale up to 70% applied to all Deluxnuts products in "TET MARKET" such as: Premium Australian Sun-dried grapes, Pistachio, Cashew nuts, Sunflower seed, Dried jackfruit, Dried mango, etc

Farmers Market is pleased to introduce the Premium New Year gift collection “Tet is hope”. We hope every given gift delivers a bright, optimistic, and positive HOPE to partners, families, friends from the very first moments of the new year.

IKACHI Green New year's gift boxes with a sustainable design and they can be re-used. Therefore, we can extend the product lifecycles: The lid of the box is reused as a 3D flower picture; The body of the box is reused into a multi-purpose tray; Da Lat's specialty jams are naturally sweet, each jam box is a letter combined into a meaningful New Year greeting.

With the desire to bring joy and good luck at the beginning of the year to customers, Frico would like to dedicate to our customers the first lucky red envelopes of the New Year, through an attractive promotion program to celebrate Tet: Gift vouchers worth up to 3,000,000 VND for customers visiting and shopping at Frico booth.

Lock&Lock discount 40%~50% on all household products from Korea.

The promotion program up to 50% comes from NIN House at TET EVENT with high quality blankets, pillow covers and many luxurious and modern designs. In addition, there are many special programs such as: Same price 399k for STEFANI drapes; Only 799k for the STEFANI duvet set; Discounts up to 30% for bedroom accessories.

Let’s stop by Tet Fair to shop for Tet!

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