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Be a singer with OKARA Studio

Time 30/10/2017

Be a singer with OKARA Studio

Anyone can become a singer with this very cool mini studio

No need to book in advance, do not add any extra fees, confidently show off your voice ! That’s all plus points make OKARA Studio “pleasing” people who love singing. OKARA Studio is designed as a mini studio with full of essential items such as a microphone, headset, sound, light, touchscreen to select songs. You will have a great time singing and enjoying with your friends.
– Reasonable price from only VND 20.000 for 10 minutes
– Private karaoke booth
– Easily record your song and share with friends
– List full of the latest hits
Let’s join, sing out loud and get so much fun!
OKARA Studio – Level 5 SC VivoCity
#SCVivoCity #OKARAStudio