With the variety of electronic devices, parents can’t help but worry about their negative effects on children. However, technological development is inevitable, so at YoloKids, we choose to use the latest technology to deliver high-quality entertainment, and at the same time as a means of education. Keeping up with the trend, YoloKids has brought Ozobot - the smart robot for children to our centre, at the Science Discovery station.

Ozobot is a small USB charged robot that tracks lines to follow a path. Ozobot can read different colors on the line to adjust its behavior: speed, direction, path finding. This combines with a variety of physical and tablet games to create a product that crosses over the traditional game-toy divide. It can also do this in play, traveling seamlessly from a circuit on the iPad onto a physically drawn path – again opening up new game-mechanics.

Kids can draw creative paths on paper for the bots to follow, control them on the tablet and watch them "dance" by their orders. Ozobot helps children develop thinking and creativity, as the same time, stimulates the curiosity of children. Especially, the game is not limited to any age, so children who are interested in robots and science can experience it too!